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How to buy the best PC

What makes a great PC isn’t based entirely on technical specs, although these certainly play a part. It also comes down to what suits you best. You may want a computer with a small screen to save on space, or a model that has a solid-state drive for a quiet, quick start-up.  Do you want to watch movies on your new PC? Or do you simply need something to check Facebook on? With so much variation in computer prices and their specifications, this guide will help you find one that suits both your personal needs and your budget. Read on to find out just what to look for when buying your new computer.

Buying the best PC for you

There was once a time when the term ‘PC’ was straightforward and simple. Nowadays, though, there are three key sub-divisions that you should be aware of before you go out to buy a new computer. There’s the all-in-one, the mini-all-in-one and the desktop (also known as ‘tower’). This guide will help you decide which is best for your needs, and what to expect from each.

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