Women’s fashion tips

Women’s fashion tips

Grunge Attack! It feels like everyone is obsessed with grunge style. Today I want to bring to your attention this marvelous compilation of grunge fashion tips. The Internet is flooded with photos of ladies wearing oversized Kurt Cobain shirts, elongated cardigans, high-socks, cool beanies, combat boots, Converse trainers, denim jackets worn with floral dresses, camouflage prints, striped tees, ripped jeans, biker jackets, rounded sunglasses, etc. Of course, every single garment is ideally styled one with another. The thing, why I wanted to make this post is to show you how to wear grunge and pull it off in a classic and modern way. It’s a big trend this year, so you better know plenty of ways to make this look work for you. This trend is all about attitude, so you better follow a few tips to make everything just right. Personally, I see lots of ladies wearing this trend accompanied by other sub-genre styles, creating awesome looks such as neo-grunge, grunge indie, glam grunge, etc.

Grunge Fashion Tips (1)


You can update your look with denim (vest, jacket, shorts, jeans) and make it look ripped, worn-out or stone-washed. You can try on sexy leggings and wear them with flannel shirt or keep it sexy with lace tights worn underneath ripped jeans. Speaking of flannel shirts, then you can wear them tied around waist or sport them like a dress. I love to see girls wearing cool band t-shirts and tanks underneath leather jackets. The leather will never look wrong on you, so you better wear it with denim or floral dresses. Better avoid wearing heels and use sneakers, combat boots instead. Anyway, I think we better take a closer look at these images and get some inspiration:

We see a simple T-shirt styled with denim shorts and a tartan shirt tied around the waist. Complete the look by adding the wide-brim hat and ankle-length leather boots:

Grunge Fashion Tips (2)


An elongated burgundy wool cardigan looks awesome worn with spaghetti strap black dress, black ankle boots and ladylike black handbag:

Grunge Fashion Tips (3)


Cable knit dark green cardigan looks pretty awesome styled with simple grey dress, tights and knee length socks:

Grunge Fashion Tips (4)


How about wearing a boyish grunge look? We see light red knitted beanie, tartan shirt, rock band’s white T-shirt, blue skinnies, combat-boots and black leather shoulder bag:

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